Dolly To Visit Park Friday, September 4, 2009

kids09-1979smAs many fans have wondered for weeks, Dolly will make at least one appearance at Dollywood when she visits the area for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park 75th anniversary re-dedication in September, a park spokesperson confirmed to She will be at her theme park Friday, September 4, and is expected to make one of her usual tours of the park grounds in the Dewitt antique car. No word on whether there will be any additional appearances – sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn’t when she visits the park for something other than a festival opening, but if there are those usually are not announced in advance.

Image of Dolly during her most recent park visit in June is copyright © 2009 T. Duane Gordon/ May not be reproduced without prior written consent.

Information provided by T. Duane Gordon


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