Ripley’s Sevier County Days

Ripley’s Sevier, Cocke, Jefferson,& Blount County Week (November 14th – November 18th). $3.00 plus canned food item per person. Ripley’s will donate all food collected to Sevier County Food Ministries. Each person in party must live or work in Sevier, Cocke, Jefferson or Blount County and bring one food item per person. Please present photo I.D. with utility bill or current paycheck stub.

  • Imogene Hall

    I apreciate you sending the e-mail newsletter which keeps me informed on Sevier County events. However, I am having a problem with getting the information on Country Tonite Sevier County Days. When I click on that announcement, half of the information is off the screen and I can’t make out the details. Can you please tell me the dates for that.

    Thank you,

  • Ian Arensbak

    Hello Imogene,
    I apologize for the website not working correctly… The County Tonite Sevier County Days are November 5th – November 30th, with the exception of November 12, 19, and 25th… The tickets are $5.00 and you must show proof that you live or work in Sevier County.

    Showtimes are at 3pm and 8pm, and you may call 865-453-2003 for tickets.

    Thank you for your interest in Hometown Sevier, and once again I apologize for the inconvenience, and I will look into the problem to see if we can get it resolved for you. Thanks again for your time!

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