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Joe the Show Featured Artist

For anyone who has seen one of his live shows knows that Knoxville’s Joe the Show is not your typical stage musician. His live shows are filled with surprise after surprise, innovative meshing of original songs and covers, and is the epitome of a good time at a local pub throughout these southern hills. Joe the Show is a true performer and is eclectic and entertaining with a stage presence that is truly inviting and refreshing. With his awe-inspiring stage presence and a brand new website set to release, HometownSevier.com decided to sit down with Joe the Show and focus in on his innovative stage presence, his life, and what’s next for this passionate performer from Arkansas.

l_7d6f796fe2ad678ba4c674f09e3dd020What is the story behind the name Joe the Show and how did that come about?

I moved to Los Angeles in June 2006 to pursue a music career with a singer/songwriter from Arkansas and we were trying to come up with a name for that band. We came up with so and so and the show. Later on it just ended up being the name that best fit my stage presence and me.

What brought you back to Knoxville from Los Angeles?

When I left Los Angeles I left all of my music equipment and clothes there. I couldn’t do it anymore. I just left. I drove straight back to my hometown in Arkansas. My parents were so glad to have me home. I was exhausted. There’s not a lot in Arkansas and there is nowhere to play and get recognized…so I made up my mind to come back to Knoxville. It felt so good to get back and be welcomed and accepted. The first time I moved to Knoxville I cut my teeth as a performer. I came back the second time to finish what I started.

l_09260ebfa773ec5911860ebf103be71fTell us about your album.

I have one full-length album titled “Better Than That” with 10 original songs. I wrote all but two of them when I moved to Knoxville. I only made 100 copies of that album. It was my very first time in the studio cutting guitars and vocals. It gave me my first sense of musical accomplishment.

What’s behind the raw energy of your live shows?

First and foremost it’s the sheer enjoyment of wanting to entertain. I’m a performer and an entertainer. Whether it’s for a crowd of 5 or 5,000 it’s what I do. Performing on stage is what I love the most. I’m not a singer or a songwriter…I’m a performer.

For anyone who hasn’t been to one of your live shows…describe it for them.

My shows are high energy and raw emotion! When I play a show I feel like it’s my job to take the audience out of their daily routines and give them something fresh and real. That’s why I always have a smile. It’s very cool to have people appreciate what you do and enjoy it. This is what getting high feels like without actually doing it!

Are your live shows filled with mostly cover songs?

Yes and no. Right now, playing 4-hour cover gigs is how I pay my band. The most important part is making sure my band mates are getting paid. Hopefully the day will come when I can play my own original music at these shows, but right now this style of show is what I’m doing and I’m really enjoying it.

Joe d Sho024How has Sevier County and its musical history inspired you?

I didn’t know anything about Sevier County when I first came here, but it’s a place that I really think my music would be accepted and embraced. I grew up about an hour outside of Branson, MO and I’ve realized that parts of Sevier County really remind me of Branson…but Sevier County is a lot nicer! [laughs] I honestly never even knew that Dolly Parton was from Sevier County until I moved to Knoxville. [laughs]

When can the people of Sevier County expect to see Joe the Show?

Hopefully soon and as much as possible! I’m excited to bring the show to Sevier County and hope the fans are too. I have some friends that I’m talking with to setup some shows now. I’m really looking forward to the possibilities.

Joe d Sho030Outside of music, what does Joe the Show do for fun?

Man. [laughs] Meeting new people is a lot of fun for me. I really love movies. Sports in general, but especially college football. I’m a die-hard Arkansas Razorbacks fan! (I hope I don’t get scorned for this.) [laughs]

What’s next for Joe the Show?

In 2010 I want to hit the 200 show mark. There’s nothing better than playing live. It’s about the fans and the people really enjoying my music and having fun. I’m looking to add more states to my list of places I’ve played. I’m working now on touring throughout the Southeastern United States. We have quite a few shows lined up.

I caught wind that you have a brand-new website in the works…tell us about it.

For the first time I’m working with people who I believe in and they believe in me. That’s a big thing. It’s going to allow my fans the opportunity to get more. I’m so excited about this site…it’s so fun to have something to call my own. Stay tuned to www.joetheshowmusic.com There is so much more to come.

l_6f9292b156ab38dd94abd7e93b3b9c26 In my last ditch effort to describe Joe the Show, any parting words of enlightenment?

I’ve never met a person that doesn’t like some form of music. I’ve always been open minded to every genre and will continue to be. There will always be music and entertainment…I like putting the two together. I’m excited about what the future holds for me in my life and musically. Until the time that my life changes, my heart and soul is in music and that’s what I love.




  • Alex Thornton

    Great interview! I saw Joe the show in Memphis last year and was blown away! That guy can entertain!!! Do yourself a favor and check him out.

  • Chance Coran

    This guy is the total package! Can’t wait to hear more of his original stuff!

  • Tina Tipton

    I saw Joe the show at Water Front Grill he is awsome you have to see him he keeps you on your toes and i love to watch him do his little dance with his feet lol like i said you have to see him. keep up the good work you will go far. Love your fan Tina

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