Alcatraz East Crime Museum to Host 9/11 Forensics Talk, Graffiti Art Contest, and Unveils New Exhibit

Identifying human remains following a tragic event isn’t something most people want to do, but it’s necessary for identifying victims. Following the September 11th, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, a team of forensic experts was assembled to identify human remains pulled from the rubble. Arthur Bohanan, who was part of that expert team, will share his experience and personal feelings at Alcatraz East Crime Museum. The talk will be held on September 11, 2022, and it is included in the museum admission fee. In addition to the talk, the museum has a new temporary 9/11 exhibit they are highlighting alongside the permanent 9/11 theater and display.

“We are always happy to host Art Bohanan as he shares his thoughts and feelings on what he experienced there at Ground Zero,” says Ally Pennington, artifacts and programs manager for Alcatraz East. “It’s an event that has touched us all, and being able to hear a first-hand account of the aftermath is unforgettable.”

The 30-minute talks will begin at 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm. Seating is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Bohanan will also be sharing information about the hazardous conditions at Ground Zero and how they affected the lives of first responders. A Sevier County native, he worked as a senior forensic examiner for 26 years with the Knoxville Police Department and has worked on thousands of crime scenes. He has also done work with the FBI, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the University of Tennessee’s Body Farm.

Photo courtesy of Alcatraz East Crime Museum

“It was horrific, spending 12-18 hour -days working to identify thousands of human remains so the many families could have a little closure,” says Arthur Bohanan. “I feel so blessed to still be alive and honored to pass part of our history on to others who were not born at that time in history.”

Alcatraz East Crime Museum is hosting the Annual Graffiti Art Contest. The contest will be held on October 1, 2022, from 6 am to noon. The art contest will be held in the parking lot, and spectators are invited to watch the artists from 8 am to noon. The prizes for the three winners have been increased this year, with first place winning $1,200, second place winning $800, and third place winning $500.

Photo courtesy of Alcatraz East Crime Museum

“If you are interested in graffiti art come check it out,” added Pennington. “Our annual graffiti contest is a great way to share the positive side of this art form and recognize the talent in our community.”

The museum recently opened a new exhibit titled “Master Manipulation,” which focuses on providing numerous examples of how criminals manipulate others for personal gain. It shares information about manipulation involving abuse of power and circumstances, manipulation in cults and groups with extreme beliefs, and human trafficking.

Photo courtesy of Alcatraz East Crime Museum

The Alcatraz East Crime Museum has over 100 temporary and permanent exhibits about crime in the country. The museum features information and artifacts about the history of crime, crime scene investigation, consequences of crime, crime-fighting, counterfeit crimes, pop culture, and more. There are numerous popular items on display for people to see, including the famous white Bronco from the O.J. Simpson chase and Ted Bundy’s famous Beetle.

The museum has a board of crime experts that includes Derwin Bradley, a retired master police officer, James R. Knight, crime writer, Robin Maynard, a certified crime scene investigator in Florida, Derek Newport, a law enforcement veteran who was with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for 20 years, and Judge Belvin Perry, Jr., who presided in the notorious case against Casey Anthony, among others.

This top museum is open at 10 am daily. The last tickets are sold 60 minutes before closing. These interactive experiences are available for birthday parties, school groups, scouts, team building, or other special events for an additional fee. For more information about tickets, discounts, and all the museum offers, visit the site: