Some boulders are nearly the size of vehicles.

At 8:21 a.m., park officials received information that a rock slide had occurred on Clingmans Dome Road. Rangers closed the road soon after assessing the situation and the facility management road crew began removal. The work is expected to be completed by Wednesday, May 27.

The slide area is located approximately 0.10 miles from the entrance to Clingmans Dome Road. The slide area blocks the inbound lane and consists of several large boulders, some of which are nearly the size of vehicles.

The park has contracted equipment to break up the large boulders, which will arrive this afternoon. Both lanes of Clingmans Dome Road, which carries traffic to the highest peak in the park, are closed. The full closure is necessary to accommodate the removal of slide materials.

For more information about temporary road and trail closures, please visit the park’s website or follow the park’s Twitter account for road updates.