Alcatraz East Temporary Exhibit: JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories In the Spotlight for Events 60th Anniversary

Photo courtesy of Alcatraz East Crime Museum: JFK and Jackie at Love Field

While the assassination of President John F. Kennedy happened 60 years ago this November, it’s still a popular topic of conversation. This is especially true among conspiracy theorists because there are so many conspiracies surrounding Kennedy’s death. Alcatraz East Crime Museum is putting the JFK assassination in the spotlight with a new temporary exhibit titled “The Kennedy Conspiracy: Fact & Fiction.” The exhibit, which will be included in the general admission ticket, will open on May 19, 2023, and run through May 2025.

“Whether you are a fan of JFK or conspiracy theories, you will not want to miss this exhibit,” says Ally Pennington, artifacts and programs manager at Alcatraz East Crime Museum. “The assassination is one of the most studied events in the nation’s history, and we are thrilled to share this exhibit.”

The JFK assassination exhibit will explore some of the conspiracy theories and have several objects on display. Items to be displayed include Kennedy administration campaign materials, NASA Presidential visit badge, and a dress that Marilyn Monroe owned.

JFK was assassinated as he campaigned in Texas, and there have been many debates over the years regarding who was involved and why it happened. The Warren Report was issued as the government’s official investigation into the assassination. While the report declared that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin, many people didn’t believe that conclusion and controversy over the Warren Report fueled a variety of conspiracies.

The debates regarding JFK’s death continue today. Robert F. Kennedy Jr, JFK’s nephew who is currently running for president, openly blames the CIA for his uncle’s assassination. He recently told People, that there is overwhelming evidence to support his theory of CIA involvement.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum is also celebrating educators and education support staff by offering free admission through June 11, 2023. A fun demo day will be held on June 10, 2023, with demonstrations held at 11 am, 12 pm, and 1 pm. All guests wishing to attend Demo Day must pre-register due to limited space. Teachers and support staff can also get 50% off admission for up to four guests. To receive free admission, they must register online ahead of time and show their school identification or paystub at the ticket counter.

“This is an excellent time for teachers, support staff, and their families to come have fun and see what the museum has to offer,” added Pennington.

There are over 100 temporary and permanent exhibits at the museum, including some famous items on display. Some popular display items include the white Bronco from the O.J. Simpson chase and Ted Bundy’s famous Beetle. They also offer a Junior Detective program and special activities for kids and host an annual graffiti art contest.

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Alcatraz East Crime Museum has updated its board of crime experts, which includes Derwin Bradley, a retired master police officer, James R. Knight, a crime writer, Robin Maynard, a certified crime scene investigator in Florida, Derek Newport, a law enforcement veteran who was with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for 20 years, and Judge Belvin Perry, Jr., who presided in the notorious case against Casey Anthony, among others.