In the shadow of the mighty Smoky Mountains lie a multitude of small businesses that underpin the economic life in Sevier County, Tennessee. With a robust artistic heritage deeply rooted in a rich cultural past, these entrepreneurs offer unique experiences that are simply not replicable by bigger entities. Our hopes are to spotlight shopping locally within our hometown and to show you how your purchase makes a difference. 


Consider shopping for unique finds in the fascinating Arts & Crafts Community in the Glades and throughout the many curves of Gatlinburg, explore the historic Old Mill Square and other one-of-a-kind shops in Pigeon Forge, and weave through the diverse boutiques and down-home eateries in Sevierville.


The Economic Impact of Shopping Locally

Choosing to support and patronize local businesses injects hope and resilience into our communities. Each dollar you spend at a local store becomes a vital stitch in the thriving tapestry of our local economic fabric. When we support local businesses, more money stays and circulates within the community. Local businesses are often recognized for their participation in the circulation of funneling a percentage of sales back into the local economy- enriching the overall financial health of the community. Strengthening local businesses can create jobs for residents, allowing them to ensure an active, healthy economic environment.


Embracing local businesses is not just shopping; it’s making a bold and inspiring decision to engage in creating a robust economic canvas. Help paint this canvas with vibrant hues of growth and prosperity by supporting these local gems. 


Promoting Local Craft and Innovation

Local businesses often offer unique products and services that you wouldn’t find in mass-market stores. They provide a platform for local artisans and innovators to sell their craft, encouraging diversity and creativity in the product market. As a customer, you are not only purchasing a distinctive product but also fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in your community.


Strengthening Community Identity and Pride

Buying from local businesses fosters a strong sense of community identity. These small shops, neighborhood restaurants, and local service providers often define the character of the area. They are often the places where we create memories and traditions, lending a unique character to our neighborhoods. Supporting them by shopping small ensures these businesses continue to thrive and foster a sense of pride among the residents.


They act as spirited platforms for local artisans and innovators, fostering diversity and creativity in our marketplace.


Our Local Tapestry

Local businesses are the heart of our community. They pulse with commitment, engaging actively in decisions that shape our living and business landscapes. Their deep-rooted understanding of community needs makes them indispensable allies in community causes. Shopping locally isn’t just an economic exchange; it’s an emotional connection that enriches our sense of community engagement and unity.


The ebbs and flows of artistic expression in Sevier County and the Smoky Mountains are captured beautifully in their small businesses. Supporting them means preserving a rich cultural heritage, promoting eco-friendly practices, and strengthening the social fabric. These businesses are the lifeblood of these close-knit communities, emblems of their history, and a beacon for their future.