Inflation Vacation Promotion Offers Fun Affordable Day at WonderWorks Pigeon Forge

It’s safe to say everyone is looking for ways to save money while still living life to the fullest. WonderWorks Pigeon Forge wants to help make doing just that easier than ever. Pigeon Forge’s upside-down house is offering a special promotion called Inflation Vacation this fall, which gives visitors a break from the effects inflation they may be feeling everywhere else they go. The promotion will provide guests with admission to WonderWorks, two slices of pizza, and a small drink for only $20 per person, plus tax.

“The Pigeon Forge hospitality industry is one of the best around, but it’s no surprise the industry as a whole has been affected by inflation over the past few years,” says Joe Baumgartner, general manager at WonderWorks Pigeon Forge. “Because of this, we’re excited to launch our brand new Inflation Vacation event! We invite all families to come explore our exhibits and enjoy a meal at our café at a discounted price.”

Inflation Vacation will keep guests having a great time all day without being reminded of the rising costs of everything. Every Monday through Friday, from October 16, 2023, through November 15, 2023, both locals and vacationers can snag the Inflation Vacation promotional offer. The discounted admission rate gives guests full access to the fun and challenging activities that WonderWorks offers, plus a great meal at their café. To score the promotional tickets, guests can give the verbal “Inflation Vacation” promo code at the box office or watch the WonderWorks Pigeon Forge Facebook page for the promotional ticket link to be posted.

WonderWorks is home to over 100 interactive exhibits for guests of all ages. Each are based on concepts related to science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM), giving groups hands-on activities that allow them to make memories and learn at the same time. This promotion is great for families looking for an affordable day of fun, for couples searching for a unique date night, and for groups looking for a rewarding bonding experience.

There is a wealth of fun and engaging activities for guests to explore at WonderWorks Pigeon Forge. With over 42,000 square feet of “edutainment,” WonderWorks is an indoor amusement park for the mind. The exhibits area includes physical challenges, space discovery, natural disasters, a light and sound zone, and a far-out art gallery. For more information, visit


Photo courtesy of WonderWorks Pigeon Forge