This Fall at Alcatraz East Crime Museum: Bonnie & Clyde Exhibit Update and Holiday Team-Building Events

Photo courtesy of Alcatraz East Crime Museum: Bonnie Poem Book

Bonnie and Clyde, one of America’s most famous crime duos, has a popular temporary exhibit at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum. People visit daily to learn more about the infamous couple and see artifacts from their crime spree. The display, entering its second year, will be updated and expanded, before ending next year. In addition, the museum is also inviting companies to book their holiday team-building events.

“People are fascinated by Bonnie and Clyde, and we are thrilled to be adding to the display to give visitors more to see,” says Ally Pennington, artifacts and programs manager at Alcatraz East Crime Museum. “You won’t want to miss checking out this exhibit.”

The updated exhibit, titled “Side By Side: The Story of Bonnie and Clyde,” is set to open in October 2023, which coincides with the second anniversary of the exhibit. There will be new artifacts added to the current collection, including:

  • A handwritten poetry book by Bonnie Parker
  • Original photos from Bonnie and Clyde’s families
  • Various artifacts from Eastham Prison, where Bonnie and Clyde helped free five prisoners in 1934.

Bonnie and Clyde committed a spree of crimes that included bank robberies, murder, and burglaries. The exhibit reveals a side of the couple that most people do not know about, including their hobbies and childhood dreams. Artifacts already on display include items from before the pair met, during their crime spree, and several pop culture items, demonstrating society’s interest in their legacy.

“The exhibit additions will be exciting to see,” added Pennington. “We also look forward to providing a unique team-building experience for companies this holiday season.”

Alcatraz East Crime Museum is now taking reservations for holiday team-building programs. The programs are geared toward helping adult groups come together and promote collaboration and bonding. The museum has more than 20 exhibit areas, each focusing on something related to crime, including American crime history, consequences of crime, crime fighting, pop culture, and more. The programs provide a framework for teams to work together to solve problems, communicate, and spend time outside of the office setting.

The museum has created options to choose from, including:

  • Exercise Yard – This 2.5-hour event offers a fun opportunity for office workers to get to know each other more. This includes a laser maze challenge, temporary prison tattoos, fingerprinting, and more. The focus is on enhancing listening, communication, and supporting one another.
  • Initiation – This three-hour event includes a self-guided tour, detective challenges, CSI lab interactive, and more. The goal is to enhance communication, interpersonal awareness, and motivational support.

Companies opt to participate in team-building activities to allow their employees to learn how to better collaborate with and support one another. Research shows that most workers feel that collaboration is vital in the workplace. Breaking the ice and working together in a fun setting over the holidays offers a great way to enhance employee performance as a team.

To learn more about booking a holiday team-building event, visit the site at:

The museum is also hosting Homeschool Days in October, allowing homeschoolers to explore the history of crime and law enforcement in America and learn about forensic science. Homeschoolers will receive a discounted admission rate of only $12, or $10 per person, for groups of 10 or more that make arrangements in advance. The promotional rates are only available during the week when school is in session and cannot be combined with other discounts. To make advanced group registration or for updates on homeschool and other educational promotions visit the website at:

The museum features over 100 exhibits, with many famous items on display, including Ted Bundy’s famous Beetle and the white Bronco from the O.J. Simpson chase. They also hold an biennial art contest that puts graffiti in the spotlight.This top museum is open at 10 a.m. daily. The last tickets are sold 60 minutes before closing. These interactive experiences are available for an additional fee for birthday parties, school groups, scouts, team building, or other special events. For more information about tickets, discounts, temporary exhibits, and all the museum offers, visit the site:

Alcatraz East Crime Museum has updated its board of crime experts, which includes Derwin Bradley, a retired master police officer, James R. Knight, a crime writer, Robin Maynard, a certified crime scene investigator in Florida, Derek Newport, a law enforcement veteran who was with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for 20 years, and Judge Belvin Perry, Jr., who presided in the notorious case against Casey Anthony, among others.